Website Policy

An overview of how users are treated here.


There are no advertisements, no paywalls, no affiliate links, no BS.


I don't engage in any form of shilling. I don't use AI write articles, because I have nothing to gain from it. All work on this site is licensed under CC BY-SA 4.0, unless otherwise stated. References are linked within the text.


TL;DR - does not automatically collect any personally identifiable information about it's users.

All HTTP/S requests made to are handled by alwaysdata according to alwaysdata's privacy policy. By default, HTTP/S requests initiated by users, on, are also handled by alwaysdaya according to alwaysdata's privacy policy.

If you use the contact form, your message and contact details will remain encrypted end-to-end. By default, the HTTP/S request made during form submission is proxied via alwaysdata to form notification providers. I have taken additional steps to ensure that the proxied request doesn't leak any personally identifiable information, about users, to the proxied services.

All HTTP/S requests defined above are logged to my account in the following format:

| {request_hostname} | [{completion_date:%d/%b/%Y:%H:%M:%S %z}] | "{request}" | {status} | "{referer}" | {protocol} |

For example, if an user navigates from to then the following line is added to the log file:

| | [10/Jul/2020:10:20:30 +0300] | "GET / HTTP/2.0" | 200 | "" | https |

Contact information

Feel free to contact me if something about this policy is unclear to you.