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What's an RSS feed?

You might know that all websites on the internet use the HTML format to define how their website is displayed in browsers, but you might not know that most websites also include an RSS (really simple syndication) formatted copy, that lets people subscribe to their website.

It's a shame that most browsers only understand HTML, but not RSS, even though both are widely used open standards. Anyway, you can still subscribe to websites via RSS using an RSS reader app. Just add a list of your favorite websites to the app, and it will periodically scan their RSS feeds and notify you when they publish something new.

All in all, RSS feeds + RSS reader apps can let us subscribe to multiple websites without disclosing our personal information (like email address or phone number). You can even follow social media accounts using RSS feeds. Some RSS reader apps can sync your subscriptions to the cloud and allow you to access your subscriptions from multiple devices.

Here are some RSS reader apps that I recommend -
Feeder for Android users.
NetNewsWire for Apple users.
Fluent Reader for desktop users.

You can sync your subscribtions by self-hosting an RSS server like Miniflux, or by paying for an hosted service like Feedbin, or by using a free community funded RSS server. Feel free to ping me if you need help choosing one.


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