Work with me to free our cyberspace

The dark side of capitalism has taken over our Internet using proprietary systems that work mostly for them. It's long past time to expect accountability, but we can still make sure their profit-driven interests can't destroy a free and open Internet. All we need is to ethically fund, build, and maintain systems that work for everyone.

So, ping me to find out how we can work together to free our Internet.

Link to my CV.

At this point in time, I can work with you only as an individual, independent, freelancer from India, but not as an employee.

Perks of working with me

I can handle projects end-to-end with minimal input from your side.

Cons of working with me

It's subjective, but there can't be none. Right?

I've worked with people that value, safety, privacy, security, and open standards.

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