I Should Write More

Written by Pranav Chakkarwar
Published on 23 Jan 2023

I started writing articles purely to pursue an opportunity to gain fresh knowledge. I didn’t make any money from my articles, but I did have to devote a significant amount of time for research and writing. Still, I think it was a good decision for me to start writing.

Throughout my journey in research and writing, I have mostly showcased completed articles. Recently, I have been thinking about publishing thoughts that are raw. There is a reason for this. Most readers don’t care how an article was produced, how an author thinks, how an author decides to add, delete, or phrase an article, but in my opinion, the process of shaping an article is often more enlightening than its contents. Understanding only the content will most probably trap you in a filter bubble of some kind. If you can’t think and research yourself, you will have to rely on how researchers think. Understanding the process behind a task definitely allows us to better understand our world.

I think that publishing my thoughts and decisions will help me see how they have changed over time and will let my readers observe my thinking process. Whether my way of thinking is good or bad is a test of time, but I believe it is somewhat close to great based on feedback I received from people from various backgrounds.

All of this might have an unintended consequence of being perceived as hypocritical here and there. You can expect raw thoughts about topics I’m working on and some news style articles on events in tech or personal life, but don’t expect me to publish a neural live feed of my thoughts. Subscribe to my blog and receive latest updates. Let’s see how things go.

Additionally, I would encourage you to start publishing your thoughts. Make them public, so you can get some feedback. Start an anonymous blog if you aren’t comfortable writing under your real name, but start writing. Trust me, you will learn more by writing in public than endless reading.

Think. Write. Repeat.

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